Video Production

Video production is the entire process of creating a video content such as commercial, short film or other type of film which consists of script writing, video shooting and editing.

SICK Music Video

Khor Han Sen

The Fighter Music Video

Loh Xian Di, Tan Pei Ming, Tan Je Xi, Cynnal Chong

Photograph Music Video

Lim Juin Yih, Esther, Koh Chi Wei, Chalit

TOAP Youth Video

Cheong Wen Cong

Die For You Music Video

Tan Kher Hang


Lim Weng Aik, Leong Ling pei, Yu Hui Ling. JianLin Ooi, Khor Ming Kai, Beah Zi Qing

The Promise

Lee Mun Hoe, Chan Huan Xing, Soophorn A/L Thian

Guinness Stout

Crispayne, Soon Meng Fei

On My Way

Ooi Ee Theng, Khor Han Sen, Tan Bee Sim, Soon Meng Fei, Tan Ann Gie, Mohd. Rafid, Crispayne, Nam Yip Fung