Fix Chiropractic - Explainer Video

Fix Chiropractic - Explainer Video was created for Fix Chiropractic and launched in 2020.  

Fix Chiropractic

Step by Step Chiropractic Procedure

Traditional Illustration 

The project started with brainstorm and discussion with Dr. Phang and the process took approximately 1 month from sketches, final illustration with video capturing, editing and voice over (from Lim Zhi Han)

My role in this project:

  • Traditional Illustration (all the scenes) 
  • Video Shooting and Editing
  • Voice Over Coordination
  • Motion Graphics and Final Outcome

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3rd Hikayat Series of Children Illustrated Book, illustrated by traditional Hand Drawing method with Digital Coloring by Wai Khong.

— Kaki Seni & MPH Publication

Penang State Art

One of the 4 Minor Winners coming from "Dreams"
- a sound installation
with interactive Illustration artworks.

— Penang State Art Gallery

Comic Vid

First Comic Vids comics from Wai Khong - on Mau's Adventures - with 3 episodes of still comic strips and animations.

— Comic Vids