2006 - Master of Arts in Visual Communication, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

2000 -2000 Bachelor of IT (Multimedia Technology),HELP University College, Charles Sturt University, 3+0 Programme, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Summary & Background 

  • A Multi-disciplinary Artist / Designer – that loves arts in various form - doodles, illustration, interactive, web, motion graphics, painting, art &craft.
  • 20 years of working experiences related to Multimedia industry and creative education.
  • 10 years of Department & Project Management.
  • Passionate & curious to move forward & keep on learning.
  • Currently working on Processing with Experiential Design, and Web Boostrap.

Events & Activities 

  • Industry Liaison for students’ industry collaboration in projects - includes Penang Bike Share, PWDC, Penang Science Clusters, Keysight Technology, AIMS Media, City Eye, Immerse Communication, PlayMe AR, GWTHI, Entopia, and Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Pallas, W2RK, E-integrity, Sandms, Calibre Creation, Veecotech, Exabytes, Four Fries, Penang Hill and etc.
  • Creative Industry Liaison Part of Creative Team in Design, Interactive content for Annual Multimedia Event.
  • Exhibition Team for Starlites Event
  • Trainer for The Star Learning Skills Project Involvement to create content and train public for Multimedia skills. Collaboration party with The Star, Canon & Sony, TOA
  • Lead for “A World Conference of Global Digital Marketing” seminar in Penang – 2014 Leading Team for Master class of oversea speakers.

Skills & Technicals

  • Adobe Illustrator - Intermediate
  • Adobe Photoshop - Intermediate
  • Adobe After Effects - Intermediate
  • Adobe Dreamweaver - Intermediate
  • Adobe Audition - Intermediate
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - Basic
  • HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript - Intermediate
  • Arduino - Basic
  • Processing - Basic

3rd Hikayat Series of Children Illustrated Book, illustrated by traditional Hand Drawing method with Digital Coloring by Wai Khong.

— Kaki Seni & MPH Publication

Penang State Art

One of the 4 Minor Winners coming from "Dreams"
- a sound installation
with interactive Illustration artworks.

— Penang State Art Gallery

Comic Vid

First Comic Vids comics from Wai Khong - on Mau's Adventures - with 3 episodes of still comic strips and animations.

— Comic Vids