Back in 1940s, bedak sejuk is ONE of the age-old methods to having flawless skin lies on a staple food which is rich in minerals and high on nutrition. A non-chemical contain pastilles are traditional Malaysian cosmetic product. It is a traditional cosmetic that still being used by the elderly women in Malaysia. Literally, bedak means powder while sejuk is an adjective which means cool, thus this implies that by applying bedak sejuk on skin it will produce a ‘cool feeling’ Since the good old days, rice has been known for its skin whitening and tightening remedies. Bedak sejuk is produced using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation until now.

Process Making

The manufacture of cold powder should choose quality rice. Rice should be soaked in enclosed container water for four months, even water should be exchanged during that period. After expiration, the submerged rice becomes soft and no longer seeds.

The soft rice is then added a little water and mashed. Can also be scented by adding a little rose water. After the rice is mashed then rolled into eyedrop shape on a cloth and dried in the middle of scorching heat until dry and hard. Finally stored in an airtight container. Can be perfumed again by placing pandan leaves once in a container.


To use bedak sejuk, simply pick out as many beads as you like, add a little water to it to turn it back into a paste and apply it all over your face as a mask. Use it weekly or nightly for best results.


Rich, pandan leaves, charcoal, lime juice, bunga tanjung (spanish cherry flower) or bunga cempaka was added to make the powder smell nice or increase it’s whitening, brightening or cleansing effects.



1. For external use only.

2. Do not get into eyes.