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Uses of Paper Cut

Today, paper cuttings are chiefly decorative. They liven up walls, windows, doors, columns, mirrors, lamps and lanterns in homes and are also used on presents or are given as gifts themselves. Paper cut-outs pasted on or near entrances are supposed to bring good luck. Paper cuttings used to be used as patterns, especially .servcesfor embroidery and lacquer work. Papercuts are used by younger generation as a decoration for their kits and books.


Pattern Of Paper Cut 

The contents of Chinese paper cutting involves people’s daily life, architecture, and landscape. In Chinese paper cuttings, farming civilization had a big influence on the formation of traditional patterns. Chinese people, for a long time, created paper cuttings to worship, express good wishes, and depict beautiful things. Usually, a traditional decorative Chinese paper cutting has a certain meaning behind it. For example, butterfly means double for all the good things; lotus with fish means the continuation of wealth for the next year; pomegranate indicates a wish for family prosperous with lots of offspring. Chinese characters also have been used very frequently in Chinese traditional paper cuttings.

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