Story of Us

1956, the founder of our restaurant, Mr. Lim, began our business of selling Koay Teow Soup in Butterworth.

Because of small population and inconvenient transport, Mr. Lim used the tricycles to run the business by cycling around the neighbourhood.

With the rapid growth of business, Mr. Lim had decided to expand the business by setting up a store and named it as “Lin Restaurant” in 1970. As the local area was named as “Seven Village”, people are more likely to address us as "Chit Long".In Hokkien, "Chit" represents seven and "Long" represents a small path in a kampung or village. Sooner or later, we changed it to Seven Village Noodle House".

With our dedication in food quality and the received support form the people, we turned out to be an eminent brand of Koay Teow Soup in Penang area. 18 years later, with the rise of popularity of Seven Village Noodle House, we expanded our premise to a shop lot in Raja Uda and the rest is history.